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Lovely RSS Goodness

23 October, 2006

Lot’s of new RSS goodness from the BBC Music site today:

This is part of lots of new higher profile RSS work from Radio & Music. Take a look at the footer of the new homepage from Radio 1: Lots of AJAXy fun for the kids in the main page and then a big promo for the feeds down at the bottom. This radical technical overhaul for the site doesn’t seem to extend much beyond the front page but is something of a first dabble for BBC sites, as far as I know.

UPDATE: And from last week – five day summary forecasts for BBC Weather. This has taken a while to sort out because although the content is presented as BBC Weather, the data comes form the Met Office weather stations. Anyway, have a look at BBC Weather for all the feeds. Here is John O’Groats and Land’s End for a kick-off.


River of News

23 August, 2006

Some talk today on Buzz Machine about Dave Winer’s mobile RSS hack of BBC (and Times) News. This seems to suck in and combine latest updates to feeds in one long stream. I agree with some of the comments about it being a reinvention of the wheel of the pre-existing BBC mobile headline update services as this just seems to elevate the importance of “new” stories over any other criteria. Do I really want every update of every story from any news source? No. I twould want to filter these and maybe this will come later down the line.

Doc Searls makes the distinction between this as a “source” of info rather than a “website” which I think is interesting, although the unmediated source is less useful than one I can mediate. I want pretty specifc things from mobile news – a particualr sports result or confirmation on the latest situation in one particular news story, not just what the newest news is everywhere.

If you’re a self-confessed news junkie, then newest news everywhere might be good enough. I think as a news provider, clearly this is one of the BBC’s responsibilities – providing the newest reliable news everywhere, but equallyimportant is for us to provide users ways of finding precisely the news they want within the whole river.

BBC Collective

22 August, 2006

I have a soft spot for BBC Collective – so I’m really pleased they have just added their weekly Video Player to BBC Media Bank. There is even a feed for the first time for Media Bank which is great:

BBC Collective

Collective’s video player offers an exclusive selection of cultural content from beyond the mainstream. Including live music sessions, interviews, mini-documentaries and more…

You too can use it on your site.

RSS v Atom

5 July, 2006

Scobelized post on the differencs between RSS and Atom. He comes down heavily on Atom’s side. I am invovlved in promoting RSS feeds (another debate in itself) from the BBC through projects like Feed Factory. We currently support flavours 1.0 and 2.0 of RSS but not Atom. Although this is live debate and open to change.