No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

10 August, 2006

I’m about a week behind the pace on this one, but I have just found out about this “uproar” over Time Trumpet, Armando Iannucci’s new comedy. I find this interesting from a syndication point of view for a couple of reasons.
a) The opening presentation of the story: 1) what an outrage this new show is 2) watch a clip here! and…
b) the way the comments following the atrticle seem to be split about 50-50 between “how dare the BBC make and show this filth” versus “oh thanks for letting me know, I’ll watch it now.”

I like conversations around our content. I am trying to facilitate these with the stuff that will be available through BBC Media Bank. These would include, for example, links to video that worked(!) and better branding. I sense that there is some concern that the content we make available through BBC Media Bank could be used in “negative” stories about the BBC, I’m just not sure I mind very much.

I haven’t seen this clip by the way, or the show – it starts tonight. But I’m more in the camp of being glad to have been reminded that it’s on.


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