RSS v Atom

5 July, 2006

Scobelized post on the differencs between RSS and Atom. He comes down heavily on Atom’s side. I am invovlved in promoting RSS feeds (another debate in itself) from the BBC through projects like Feed Factory. We currently support flavours 1.0 and 2.0 of RSS but not Atom. Although this is live debate and open to change.


3 Responses to “RSS v Atom”

  1. Asbjørn Ulsberg Says:

    Exactly why don’t you support Atom 1.0?

  2. The short answer is that we do support Atom 1.0 where we have the requirements. Currently I am working on encouraging BBC sites to include simple summary feeds of their Web content. We have little requirement YET for the ‘advanced’ features of Atom 1.0. I don’t know anywhere on that is using it . BBC World Service, though, are planning on using Atom to syndicate full story content for areas where access to our website is restricted, for example. This is something where there is a clear advantage to using Atom over either RSS 1.0 or 2.0, so they used it.

  3. Asbjørn Ulsberg Says:

    Sounds like a sound and good conclusion to me. If RSS works, I’m all for it. The main point is to syndicate your content, but it is also important to evaluate which content you syndicate it with, especially if you do it as static files lying around in your file system, where conversion from one format to another can cause data loss.

    For what RSS was made for, it works fine for the most part, and if you or your users don’t have any problems with it, it’s ey-okey. But if you start out with a blank piece of paper and a new set of crayons to draw with, I see no good reason not to choose Atom over RSS. The support is already there and Atom will make everything easier in the long run.

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