BBC Media Bank

29 June, 2006

I am the Syndication Manager for The project that is taking most of my time at the moment is BBC Media Bank. The idea of this site, when it is live, is that it will allow anyone in the UK to take and publish some BBC content to their site or blog.
Today I am testing it out on my own blog. So here is some of the content we are making available for The Convent – a reality TV/religious programme on BBC Two.

The Convent

The Convent Group

Meet the four women embarking on a life-changing experience, which will challenge their views and test their beliefs.

Watch the latest episode

How does that look?


2 Responses to “BBC Media Bank”

  1. 19/07/06
    Now that the show is over, could you please ensure that this series is repeated again at some point. I would love to watch it again.

  2. Johanne, you are in luck:
    “The Convent is to be repeated on BBC Sign Zone. Episode One is currently scheduled for Wednesday 2 August, 02:20-03:20, BBC One. Please check your listings for confirmed times.”
    More info here:

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